26 November 2022 - Edition #16
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Family History Zone Update

The Week on FamilyHistory.Zone

Top ten historical facial reconstructions

Modern scientific techniques allow researchers to develop outstanding facial reconstructions of people from the past.
Ancient Wari Queen

Australia’s 'Beast of Bondi' caught using DNA technology

Australia’s 'Beast of Bondi' caught using DNA technology
Keith Simms, otherwise referred to as the ‘Beast of Bondi’, has finally been identified using cutting edge DNA technology.

Ireland's 1926 Census to be digitalised

Ireland's 1926 Census is set to go online in April 2026. This will provide a fascinating snapshot of life in Ireland 100 years ago.
man in gray suit jacket holding baby in white dress

NARA to award 1.9 million for historical records projects

maps lying on the floor
NARA has approved close to two million dollars to aid the development and creation of historical records projects.

DNA technology identifies long-dead ‘vampire’

Cutting-edge DNA technology has been used to identify what experts believe is a 19th Century man suspected of vampirism.
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