We accept press releases and announcements from organisations for our news sections (email these to: editor at familyhistory dot zone) and are also intersted in receiving proposals for articles and in depth pieces from organisations and individual​ authors.

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What will we publish?

We publish articles on genealogy and family history.

Please submit articles that cover:

  • Family history research advice – actionable tips, practical research advice, tools and guidance.
  • Life Stories: Family history true stories – articles about ancestors you have discovered with interesting pasts or that you found using novel/innovative/unusual and research techniques
  • Articles about family history tools, knowledge and skills, for example, guides to websites, software, archives etc. Note that these must not be promotional or advertising in nature but should be focussed on how to use or get the best from these tools.
  • Content MUST be unique. We do not accept items published in other journals or websites.

How will we acknowledge the author?

Please note that we do not generally have the budget to pay for content.  However, your contribution will be fully acknowledged with an author by-line and a profile. This can include a link to your own website and social media accounts.

Please provide a short biography and a photograph of yourself (ideally a close cropped head shot) when submitting your article.

Your post will be promoted in our email newsletter and social media channels. We also ecourage you to promote and link to the post in your own channels. However, we ask you not to repost the full content on your own site or elsewhere as this creates problems for us with SEO. You are welcome to quote a snippet, discuss the content or describe the article and link to it in your own promotional activities.

All content submitted to the site will only be published once the release of copyright to Black and White Digital OU (publishers of www.familyhistory.zone) has been confirmed.  You can download a draft of the copyright transfer form here.

Submission Process

Please complete the form above to brief us on the idea.

  • Once commissioned, we will ask you to agree a deadline and to sign the standard transfer of copyright form.
  • Please submit content as an email or Word document only.
  • Please include any images, captions, download etc. with the submission. Ensure that you/we have the right to use any images.
  • Once received, we may sub-edit, amend or correct copy as we feel appropriate.