Discover Your Ancestors
Short Description
We have two products – an annual print bookazine, Discover Your Ancestors, and for those who can’t wait a whole year for the next issue we have developed Discover Your Ancestors Periodical, a monthly online digest with the same great quality of the print title.

Discover Your Ancestors Magazine

Launched in 2011, Discover Your Ancestors was very well received at the newsstand, and sold out at WHSmith and other retail outlets where it was stocked. The magazine is available overseas, too, and has been listed at quality newsagents and bookstores from Adelaide to Vancouver.

Discover Your Ancestors Periodical

Discover Your Ancestors Periodical is a high quality monthly digital magazine delivered to your personal online library every month. Packed full of stories, case studies, social history articles and research advice, this regular and affordable service is a must have for anyone starting out in family history research, or for those with more experience but who have reached brick walls.

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