National Genealogical Society Quarterly
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National Genealogical Quarterly (NGSQ) is a scholarly journal that publishes material concerning all US regions and all ethnic groups.

Since 1912, the National Genealogical Society Quarterly has published material concerning all regions of the nation and all ethnic groups including

compiled genealogies,
case studies,
essays on new methodology and little-known resources,
critical reviews of current books, and
previously unpublished source materials.

The NGS Quarterly emphasizes scholarship, readability, and practical help in genealogical problem solving. Published in March, June, September, and December, each issue contains eighty pages. Articles show

how to cope with name changes, burned courthouses, illegitimacies, and other stumbling blocks;
how to interpret records that do not mean what they seem to say; how to distinguish among individuals of the same name; how to identify origins of immigrant ancestors;
how to research a variety of ethnic groups; how to find a way through the maze of records at the National Archives; how to conduct research in specific states; and
how to compile solid genealogies.

The NGS Quarterly captures the challenge of modern genealogy and proves that thoroughly researched and well-written family history is never boring!

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