TheGenealogist, a website dedicated to researching family history, has launched brand new enhanced census images that allow researchers to see the census in greater detail than ever before.

With over 3.4 million new images available, users can access the highest resolution and quality 1851, 1861, and 1871 census images for England and Wales online. The improved image quality is thanks to the use of high-resolution greyscale images, which replace the old bitonal images. The result is vastly improved readability, revealing even faint writing in pencil that was previously illegible.

TheGenealogist’s Head of Development, Mark Bayley, expressed his pride in this significant technological upgrade, stating that it is remarkable how much extra detail can be seen in the new images. Their “Deep Zoom” images have over 5 times the resolution of previous images, allowing for sharper writing and the ability to zoom in to reveal what would otherwise be illegible words on other sites. In addition, TheGenealogist has the added benefit of searchable occupations and addresses on their census transcripts, making them quicker and easier to find.

The census high-resolution photo example

The census high-resolution photo example

For those researching family history, census records are a valuable resource for tracing ancestors and gaining insights into their lives. The improved image quality offered by TheGenealogist’s enhanced census images can help researchers uncover hidden details and provide a clearer picture of their family history. So, if you’re interested in genealogy, be sure to check out TheGenealogist’s enhanced census images to see your family’s past in greater detail.

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