Bob Odenkirk, acclaimed for his role as Saul Goodman in “Better Call Saul” and “Breaking Bad,” recently discovered an astonishing fact about his lineage on the US television show “Finding Your Roots.” The genealogy experts on the show traced Bob Odenkirk’s family back five generations, revealing that he is the 11th cousin of King Charles III.

The revelation came about when the host, Henry Louis Gates Jr., informed Odenkirk that his fifth great-grandfather, Friedrich Carl Steinholz, was born in Plön, Germany, in 1755. Steinholz was conceived out of wedlock with the Duke of Plön, a figure connected to the royal families of Europe through intermarriage. This lineage links Odenkirk directly to King Charles III.

Odenkirk, raised in Chicago in a Catholic family of German and Irish descent, expressed his initial indifference and surprise at the news. “I’m an American. I’m not a monarchist. I don’t believe in that,” he commented, reflecting his views on monarchy. Despite his initial reaction, Odenkirk humorously reconsidered his stance upon learning of his royal connection, saying, “Well maybe I’ll change my mind on that!”

Odenkirk, known for his portrayal of the less-than-regal character Saul Goodman, found the irony of his royal link amusing. He burst into laughter saying, “That’s so funny, man. Oh, that is crazy!” He wished his mother could have heard the news.

His father, Walter Odenkirk, left the family when Bob was 15, leaving him with little knowledge of his paternal family history. This unexpected discovery provided a new perspective on his ancestry, linking him to a historical narrative he previously felt no connection with.

This discovery is intriguing as it contrasts the humble, American upbringing and the democratic beliefs of Odenkirk with his newly uncovered royal lineage. It highlights the unpredictable nature of genealogy, where individuals from seemingly ordinary backgrounds can find connections to historic figures and families. Odenkirk’s reaction also adds a human element to the revelation, showcasing his ability to find humor and irony in the situation.

Bob Odenkirk’s discovery of his link to King Charles III adds an unexpected twist to his personal history. It underscores the complex tapestry of human ancestry and how it can bridge divides between different cultures, histories, and social structures. This revelation offers a unique juxtaposition between the world of Hollywood and the traditions of European royalty, embodied in the life of an individual who transcends both.

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