In a move aimed at safeguarding personal and familial narratives for posterity, Cherished Family History has announced the launch of its innovative service dedicated to the preservation of individual and family stories.

This new offering comes in response to an increasingly recognised need for a platform that facilitates the authentic and accessible preservation of personal histories, ensuring that the unique stories and experiences of today are available for future generations to cherish and learn from.

Founder Dan Parker highlighted the importance of this initiative, stating,

We’ve noticed a growing need for preserving personal histories in a manner that’s both authentic and accessible. Our service ensures that the stories and voices of today can be shared with future generations.

Dan Parker, Cherished Family History, Founder

Cherished Family History’s service is designed to offer a comprehensive solution for individuals looking to document their life stories or family histories in a lasting format. The service is characterised by a series of professional, in-depth interviews that are conducted to capture the rich personal histories of individuals. These interviews are then professionally edited to create clear, engaging audio recordings that encapsulate the subject’s personal journey and experiences in their own voice.

This service is tailored to meet individual preferences and requirements, with a process that includes pre-scheduled sessions and the careful selection of interview questions designed to elicit meaningful and comprehensive responses. The final product is an edited audio recording that serves as a lasting memento, enabling clients to share their stories with children, grandchildren, and subsequent generations.

Cherished Family History is dedicated to bridging the gap between past and future generations by offering a tangible record of personal stories. To find out more, follow the link here:

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