Is this anything more exciting than finding lost treasure? One social media user was lucky enough to find a locked money safe in a junkyard. In an online video posted in March, they use heavy machinery to crack open the treasure chest, finding a thick envelope full of money.

In light of this, SMP Security have highlighted a list of lucky individuals who’ve found some remarkable historical treasure in the most unlikely of places, such as under their kitchen floorboards. See below more examples of forgotten safes and interesting finds …

A stolen coin collection

The world is full of long-lost safes. If you’re as lucky as Leigh Webber, you might discover one full of treasure someday. On February 22nd 2021, ‘Bondi Treasure Hunter’ posted a Tik Tok of his legendary discovery. Lost and forgotten at the bottom of an Amsterdam canal, he had found a mysterious collection of copper coins that read ‘Hortus Bonaticus 1682–1982’.

To find out if his lost treasure was worth any real gold, he researched the origin of these coins. It turns out that this safe was stolen over 20 years ago. The coins were also part of a commemorative collection for the beloved botanical gardens. And only 500 were made!

A golden lunula

During the late 20th century, a golden lunula was discovered in a stolen safe. This has been traced back to the Bronze Age, anytime between 300 BC and 1200 AD.

The story of this shocking find is even more unbelievable. Believe it or not, the original criminals who stole the safe accidentally threw this in a bin. Luckily for everyone who wants to see this lunula for themselves, the item is now stored in the National Museum of Ireland.

A mysterious treasure map

If you’re renovating your kitchen, you might expect to find a creepy crawly or two beneath the floorboards. But what would you do if you discovered a hidden safe? One couple found themselves in this exact situation, and they unearthed $51,000!

As well as finding thousands of dollars, the couple discovered a mysterious treasure map in the safe. The original owners of the safe had underlined sentences within a book and used bookmarks with telling locations.

A collection of diamonds and jewels

One couple, Matthew and Maria, found a rusty safe buried in their back garden. Once opened, they found a collection of diamonds, gold rings with jade, engagement rings, and a stash of cash. Overall, the safe was estimated to be worth more than $50,000!

Nestled between precious pieces of jewellery, they also found a piece of paper with an address written on it. Matthew and Maria tracked down the owners (luckily, they lived locally) and passed over their long-lost possessions. It turns out the safe was stolen from their home and they had given up on any hope to find it.

A first aid kit from WWII

In 2020, after moving into a 1950s stone farmhouse, Jacqueline Antonovich found a forgotten metal box behind the stove. Inside was a first aid kit from the Second World War filled with medical equipment specifically for gas casualties. This is a goldmine for anyone, never mind the fact that she is a historian of medicine herself.

Whether they are moments in history buried and forgotten or valuables returned to their owners, finding lost treasure troves is always exciting.


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