MyHeritage, a global leader in family history services, has unveiled two groundbreaking features, AI Record Finder™ and AI Biographer™, reshaping the landscape of genealogy through the application of artificial intelligence (AI).

AI Record Finder™ serves as the world’s first AI-based historical record search engine, allowing users to engage in an intelligent, free-text chat to unearth pertinent historical records within MyHeritage’s extensive database of 20 billion records. Complementing this, AI Biographer™ automatically generates Wikipedia-like biographies enriched with historical context for any individual, utilizing information extracted from matching historical records.

AI Record Finder

AI Record Finder™ marks a significant departure from conventional online genealogy searches, transforming the process into an interactive chat with an AI assistant. Users can engage in casual or formal conversations, akin to an interview with a friendly concierge, to swiftly locate historical records about ancestors, relatives, or other deceased individuals. While traditional search methods remain available, AI Record Finder™ employs AI to guide users through relevant questions based on the context and information provided, enhancing the likelihood of discovering previously elusive records. The seamlessly integrated user interface displays the found historical records directly within the chat for easy review and incorporation into the user’s family tree.

AI Biographer

AI Biographer™ is a game-changer for creating comprehensive biographies, especially for the countless individuals who aren’t famous and, therefore, absent from platforms like Wikipedia. This feature crafts an AI Biography™ from historical records discovered through AI Record Finder™ and for deceased individuals within the user’s family tree on MyHeritage. Leveraging MyHeritage’s matching technologies, AI Biographer™ curates information from relevant records and family tree profiles, generating a biography enriched with photos, scanned documents, and sometimes additional web-sourced information. Each biography includes details about the person’s immediate family, major life events, rich historical context, and the origins of their surname. The resulting narrative, including footnotes and source citations, is saved as a PDF file for easy sharing, archiving, and regeneration as new information becomes available.

AI Biographies™ generated from the user’s family tree are seamlessly integrated, accessible through the MyHeritage mobile app and Family Tree Builder desktop software. Exporting the family tree in GEDCOM format ensures that the enriched biographical information remains an integral part of the family tree. MyHeritage’s commitment to innovation is evident in these features, which strengthen its position as the industry leader in cutting-edge genealogy solutions.

Gilad Japhet, Founder and CEO of MyHeritage, emphasized the company’s commitment to redefining genealogy in the 21st century. He described AI Record Finder™ as a disruptive feature simplifying the search for ancestral information, and AI Biographer™ as a tool for crafting compelling stories about non-famous ancestors, ensuring they are remembered.

Both AI Record Finder™ and AI Biographer™ are powered by automated third-party technology developed by OpenAI. The features are currently accessible on desktop and mobile web browsers, with mobile app support coming soon. AI Record Finder™ offers limited free use, with unlimited access requiring a Data or Complete subscription. Users can create a few AI Biographies™ for free, and additional use necessitates a Complete subscription. While both features initially support English, additional language support is in development, and users can engage with AI Record Finder™ in multiple languages, although responses are currently available in English only.

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