Family history enthusiasts in Clydebank, Scotland will find it easier to research into their family tree as the National Records of Scotland has published a new set of historical records online.

Details of birth, marriage, and death entries are available through the family history website ScotlandsPeople.

Every January, staff at the National Records of Scotland (NRS) add information on people who were born 100 years ago, married 75 years ago, or died 50 years ago. This means that Clydebank residents can now search for details of those who were born in 1922, got married in 1947, or passed away in 1972.

Until now, those records would have only been available to people visiting an NRS building or a family history centre or by ordering a copy by post. However, the shift to online publication is very beneficial in terms of efficiency and instant, mobile access.

The latest entries will be very useful to researchers who are looking to paint a broader picture of the past. The newly available information will hopefully provide key links back to previous addresses’, occupations or causes of death. These entries will also give clues about the individual’s parents or husband/ wife aiding research further.

Veronica Schreuder, NRS archivist, said:

The release of new records on ScotlandsPeople is always exciting for researchers, and the birth, marriage, and death records now added to the site will help many people find out more about their family history.

Each year’s records contain a wealth of information for those just starting to map out their family tree and for those seeking to branch out their understanding from the comfort of their own homes.

Veronica Schreuder, NRS archivist

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