Findmypast have updated multiple sets of existing record sets and published some new collections.

The new online records include Yorkshire, Lancashire, Huntingdonshire and lots of Wiltshire Records at Findmypast.

Herefordshire Marriages

Discover 220,000 new marriage records from the county of Herefordshire, provided by the Hereford Family History Society and published solely on Findmypast.

The information will vary per record, depending on the condition of the source material, but generally earlier records in this collection will give you the couple’s full names and the marriage date. Later records will often give you both spouses’ fathers’ names, meaning you could trace generations upon generations back, enriching your family tree.

These records span from 1538-1838 and document marriages from 470 parishes across the county.


City of York Trade Directories 1781-1955

There are 16 separate trade directories in this collection, spanning almost 200 years of commerce within York. Different books may offer different information, but typically you’ll find your ancestor’s trade and where they traded. Some books will also have a full address. This could come in particularly handy if you’ve struggled with tracing your house history – the more sources you can compare, the more sure you can be of your house’s previous occupants.

There are over 720,000 records in this collection, so if you have ancestors in York from the 18th century onwards.



British Army, Recommendations For Military Honours and Awards 1935-1990

This collection from The National Archives includes nearly 80,000 records.

The transcripts include British Army personnel and some dominions armies’ personnel. They also contain some recommendations for members of the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Royal Marines. Reasons for recommendations vary, including gallantry in the face of the enemy, ‘meritorious service’ (not in the face of the enemy), or distinguished service.

In the records, you could find name, unit, rank, home address, and often a description of the action that warranted an award.



South Africa, Local Armed Forces Nominal Rolls, 1899-1902

Another entirely new collection from The National Archives, this series comprises over 53,000 records detailing some of the British Army units raised locally in South Africa during the Second Boer War. These local units mainly consisted of British men who had emigrated to South Africa before the war.

The record transcripts reveal names, ranks, army units and in many cases, enrolment and discharge dates, all useful information for fleshing out the military branches of your family tree.



Britain, Campaign, Gallantry & Long Service Medals & Awards

Findmypast added over 51,000 new records to this collection, which details those that showed strength and courage in the face of war.

Specifically, these latest additions cover recipients of:

  • Long Service Good Conduct Medal
    India General Service Medal Pegu (Army) 1852-53
  • India General Service Medal Pegu (Navy) 1852-53

These records have been collated from multiple sources, including The National Archives and the British Library, but also from musters, pay lists, and other service records. As a result, each record varies in its information. You’ll usually find a combination of regiment and rank, reason for award, any other known medals, discharge date and more.



British Royal Navy & Royal Marines Service and Pension Records, 1704-1919

Findmypast added over 19,000 more records to this collection, including a shore list of men who joined the Royal Marines in 1810.

The records reveal the rank and division of your seafaring ancestor, as well as the date they joined and any remarks made by their superior.

From the 1700s all the way up to World War 2, the Royal Marines were considered to be the strongest naval force in the world.



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