Findmypast have updated multiple sets of existing record sets and published some new collections.

The new online records inlcude catholic baptisms and marriage records for England and Scotlant. and some Cathothic burials for England.

There was also a massive increase of 1.25 million UK electoral register and Companies House (company directors) records.

Scotland Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms

Findmypast has added over 4,000 new parish baptisms to their collection, bringing the total number of records up to an immense 1.2 million.

These records can give you much more information than just baptism date. They will also give you a combination of details including birth year, denomination, diocese, father’s name, and sometimes mother’s name and maiden name. Make sure to take a look at the original record as well as the transcript, however. This may also give you information that has not been transcribed such as godparents’ names, sponsors, and even legitimacy of the child.

Not only are these new additions entirely exclusive to Findmypast, but they also have the single largest collection of Roman Catholic records online. If you are researching your Catholic heritage in Scotland, this is the place to be.

Scotland Roman Catholic Parish Marriages

There are nearly 10,000 new additions to the marriages collection rom the same church in Glasgow as the baptisms (see above). These records will again give you more information than just marriage date. Check the original image, and discover diocese, father’s name, sometimes the priest that performed the union, or even close friends and neighbours who witnessed the ceremony.


England Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms

Explore nearly 400,000 new parish baptisms from the diocese of Salford.

England Roman Catholic Parish Marriages

Did your ancestor find love in Lancashire? Findmypast have added 85,988 new parish marriage records from the diocese of Salford. There are also some records from the diocese of Westminster, Southwark, Plymouth, Middlesex, Liverpool and Birmingham in this collection, making them comprehensive resources for Catholic marriages.

England Roman Catholic Parish Burials

Covering 92 churches across Lancashire and Greater Manchester, Findmypast have added 21,525 new burial records to this collection. These records offer an abundance of information, including death date, burial date and often burial ground.

UK Electoral Registers & Companies House Directors

125 million new records added to this collection! These records are mostly from the 2021 electoral registers, along with the regular suppression list.

It’s an excellent resource for researching current history, discovering more about the social landscape, or gathering data on a local area. These records will often give you a name, an estimated age, an address and years occupied.

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Source: Findmypast