The timeless friendship between Lisa Ann Walter and Elaine Hendrix, famously known for their roles as on-screen enemies in the iconic 1998 film ‘The Parent Trap,’ has taken an unlikely twist!

In a heartwarming revelation, the duo unveiled an intricate ancestral connection that brings them closer together, as showcased in Ancestry’s new YouTube series, ‘UnFamiliar.’

As participants in ‘UnFamiliar,’ Lisa Ann Walter and Elaine Hendrix embarked on a journey to trace their roots and were astounded to discover that their great-grandparents lived on the very same street in New York City during the early 1900s. The duo’s reunion took place in the historic Elizabeth Street Garden, resonating with the legacy of their ancestors.

Ancestry made the discovery possible through extensive research, revealing that Lisa Ann Walter’s maternal great-grandfather, Francesco Mansueto, found his new home at 250 Elizabeth Street after immigrating from Italy to the United States. Coincidentally, Elaine Hendrix’s great-grandfather, Dominick DePersio, called 190 Elizabeth Street his residence. Lisa Ann Walter’s maternal great-grandmother, Clotilda Vinetti, also lived at 261 Elizabeth Street, as documented in Mansueto’s marriage certificate.parent

Expressing her astonishment at the revelation, Lisa Ann Walter remarked, “That is bizarre!” Elaine Hendrix concurred, emphasizing the likelihood of their great-grandparents’ connection due to the predominantly Italian community they inhabited. Hendrix commented:

I think given that time in history, people who emigrated stayed within their community when they got here, and so this would have been a predominantly Italian area, so they had to have known each other. They would have gone to church together; they must have been in the same parish if nowhere else.

While these newfound details about their ancestors were surprising, Lisa Ann Walter expressed a sense of inevitability. “It’s almost not a surprise,” she shared on the show. “Why in the world would we have met and become besties in six hours?”

Elaine Hendrix echoed this sentiment, believing their profound connection was predestined. “It was fate,” she declared.

Instances such as these are a testament to the power of ancestry connections, demonstrating how the past can influence and deepen the bonds between individuals. Lisa Ann Walter and Elaine Hendrix’s enduring friendship, which began on the set of ‘The Parent Trap’ in 1998, has withheld the test of time and continues to thrive, exemplifying the enduring impact of shared experiences and profound connections.

Reflecting on their unique bond, Lisa Ann Walter described it as “a soul connection,” expressing her deep care and concern for Hendrix. In turn, Elaine Hendrix highlighted Lisa’s warm and inviting personality, emphasizing how they complement each other in both similar and different ways.

For more captivating stories of ancestral connections and heartfelt reunions, you can tune in to ‘UnFamiliar’ on Ancestry’s YouTube channel.

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  • Lisa-Ann Walter and Elaine Hendrix: Photo Credit- Buena Vista Pictures Distribution