Reclaim The Records, a non-profit organisation dedicated to making genealogical and historical records freely accessible to the public, has excitedly announced the release of millions of vital records from the state of Maryland. This expansive collection includes birth, marriage, death, and naturalization records spanning over a century.

What sets this release apart is the inclusion of not only name and date indices but also the digital images of the actual birth, marriage, and death certificates for the state of Maryland. These certificates, previously unavailable online, have been meticulously scanned and are now freely accessible to researchers and genealogists worldwide.

The records cover the entire state of Maryland, totalling more than five and a half terabytes of data. This collection encompasses births from 1875 to 1922, marriages from 1914 to 2013, deaths from 1875 to 2012, and naturalization records from 1796 to 1933.

The newly released records provide an invaluable resource for genealogists, historians, and researchers seeking to trace their roots and delve into the history of Maryland. The records cover a vast timeframe and geographical scope, enabling users to track individuals and families across generations and locations within the state.

Reclaim The Records acknowledges the collaborative effort with the Maryland State Archives in obtaining and digitizing these records. The organization worked within the framework of the Maryland Public Information Act to access and release these historical documents.

Access to the records is completely free, with no login or password required. The files are available on the Internet Archive, and users can browse, view, and download the records at their convenience. Reclaim The Records encourages genealogists and historians to explore these materials and contribute to ongoing indexing initiatives for a more comprehensive understanding of the data.

For direct access to the records, visit

For further details and a comprehensive guide to the records, please refer to the official Reclaim The Records press release on their website.

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