Rededication services are solemn ceremonies aimed at re-acknowledging and honouring the memory of individuals who have passed away, particularly those who have sacrificed their lives in military service.

These services act as a tribute to the valour and sacrifice of the deceased as well as a comforting ritual for the living, reaffirming the memory of those who have gone before us.

A rededication service typically occurs when a service member’s grave has been moved, newly identified, or when additional information comes to light, necessitating a renewed dedication of the site.

Such ceremonies are crucial in ensuring that the contributions and sacrifices of these individuals are never forgotten and that their stories continue to be told to future generations.

Rededication services April 2024

16 APRIL 2024

10:30am –  A rededication service for Pte George Galloway 14 Bn York & Lancaster Regiment, who died 4 June 1916. This service will be held at Achiet-le-Grand Communal Cemetery Extension, France

3.00pm –  A rededication service for 2/Lt Albert Hutchinson of 2nd Bn York & Lancaster Regiment, who died 8 October 1918. The service will be held at Busigny Communal Cemetery Extension, France.

17 APRIL 2024

10:30am – A rededication service for Private Charles Lane of 1/4 Bn York & Lancaster Regiment, who died on 2 November 1918. The service will be held at Auberchicourt British Cemetery, France.

2:30pm –  A rededication service for L/CPl Thomas Gustafson of 1/4 Bn York & Lancaster Regiment, and Cpl William Swan of 1/5 York & Lancaster Regiment who both died on 13 October 1918. The service will be held at York Cemetery, Haspres, France.

Rededication services serve a practical function in the maintenance and correction of historical military records and grave sites. These ceremonies are scheduled when there is new information regarding the deceased, necessitating an update or correction to their memorials. They are of particular interest to military historians, genealogists, and researchers who focus on the factual and historical aspects of military conflicts.

Additionally, these services provide an opportunity for educational institutions and the general public to gain a deeper understanding of military history and the importance of remembering those who served.

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