RootsIreland has announced yet another expansion of its database, adding 1539 baptismal records and 362 marriage records from the Roman Catholic parish of Clerihan in County Tipperary. Spanning the years 1852-1900, these newly added records offer a rich tapestry of historical information.

County Tipperary

County Tipperary, with its captivating landscapes and deep historical roots, holds a special place in Ireland’s heritage. The county has a storied past, shaped by centuries of cultural, political, and social influences.

Tipperary’s historical importance is underscored by its role in pivotal events such as the Gaelic resurgence, the Norman invasion, and the subsequent establishment of the medieval county. Tracing its origins back to ancient times, the region has been witness to the ebb and flow of various civilisations, leaving a permanent mark on its landscape and people.

Clerihan has its own unique history intertwined with the broader narrative of County Tipperary. As a Roman Catholic parish, it played a central role in the spiritual and communal life of the local population.

The newly added baptismal and marriage records from 1852 to 1900 serve as a great opportunity to discover more about the lives of individuals who lived during a transformative period in Irish history.

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