RootsTech 2023 is fast approaching, and organisers have provided an update for what to expect on the big day.

The Expo Hall shall be packed with exciting opportunities for attendees to enjoy. The event will offer both virtual and in-person options, held at the Salt Palace Convention Centre in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Expo Hall at RootsTech will provide a hub of innovation, inspiration, and solutions catered around a genealogy journey, showcasing products and services from companies and organisations worldwide, allowing participants to connect with their family history.

The expectation is for the Expo Hall to have a lively atmosphere filled with energy, excitement, and learning. The event will feature genealogical professionals and will even introduce some new features, including live social media events, product demonstrations, and virtual viewing and discussion areas in the in-person Expo Hall. These areas offer a great chance to meet new people who share common interests, and attendees can participate in discussions on topics like how to read a German civil registration document.

The Innovation and Tech Forum, taking place in-person and virtually on March 2nd, will highlight the latest innovations in the genealogy industry. This forum showcases new concepts and products designed to address user needs, solve problems, or create new and exciting discovery experiences.

The Expo Hall at RootsTech 2023 offers free admission and is open to the public on March 2nd-3rd, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and on March 4th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for in-person attendees. Virtual Expo Hall attendees can access the on-demand classes and virtual keynotes for free. Some Expo Hall booths may have live chat available during the same hours as the in-person Expo Hall, while others may have it available 24/7.

To explore the virtual Expo Hall, register online for free and click on RootsTech 2023 in the main navigation on the RootsTech website. Then click on Expo Hall in the drop-down menu. Whether you attend in-person or virtually, the RootsTech 2023 Expo Hall is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in family history and connecting with their family.

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