Another well known personality has been signed up to speak at RootsTech – one of Brazil’s leading telenovela (soap opera) stars – Thaís Pacholek

Thaís will share her story at RootsTech 2022 (March 3–5, 2022).  Registration is free and open to anyone at

Thaís first took to the stage at age 9 in her native Curitiba, in the south of Brazil. At 18 she relocated to Brazil’s film capital of Rio de Janeiro. A graduate of theater arts and journalism, Thaís’s acting talent was widely recognized a few years later when she accepted her first of many telenovela roles at age 23. In a country generally recognized as the pioneer in the genre, breaking into Brazil’s telenovela scene was a rare accomplishment.

Thaís cherishes her own family history saying, “I believe very much that we are what we are today because of all those stories that exist in this genealogical tree of ours, to which we all belong. So, I do believe that the strong woman I am, the positive woman I am, the optimistic woman I am, the hard-working woman I am—all this is due to all those [family] stories.”

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