The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) has proudly announced the launch of its latest project, “For Evermore: Stories of the Fallen.”

This initiative marks the next significant step in the CWGC’s mission to honour and remember the brave servicemen and women from the Commonwealth who made the ultimate sacrifice during the world wars.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has always been inspired by the stories shared by people about those they commemorate. These narratives add depth and resonance to the critical work undertaken by the Commission. Now, with “For Evermore,” individuals have the unprecedented opportunity to eternally preserve these deeply touching and impactful stories in an online platform dedicated to their memory.

Each story featured in “For Evermore” is seamlessly linked to the CWGC’s vast records. This integration allows individuals to effortlessly pinpoint the locations where each of the honoured individuals is commemorated. Whether in Flanders, Gallipoli, or any of the 23,000 sites across over 150 countries, this feature facilitates a more profound and personal connection to the heroes we remember.

Visit “For Evermore” here to explore and contribute to this remarkable project: For Evermore

The CWGC has highlighted that the realisation of “For Evermore” has been made possible through the support of the Post Office Remembrance Fellowship. By contributing to the Commonwealth War Graves Foundation, individuals are actively participating in the preservation of such projects that educate and engage future generations in the remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the two world wars.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission invites the global community to embrace this transformative initiative, providing an enduring legacy for the fallen and an unparalleled resource for family history enthusiasts and researchers alike.

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