The Library of Virginia is set to offer a collection of workshops focused on genealogy, aimed at assisting individuals at various levels of expertise in uncovering their ancestral history.

The initiative, titled “2024 Genealogy Workshop Series,” will kick off on March 1, starting with a session tailored for beginners eager to learn about tracing their family history. Following this, the program will delve into more sophisticated subjects, including the genealogy of early Virginia, underutilized resources, and methods for investigating the histories of residences and communities. Moreover, the series will feature a digital session dedicated to exploring cemetery records.

Each workshop is priced at $25 for those attending in person and $15 for participants joining virtually. Members of the Library of Virginia Foundation are eligible for a $5 discount on either format. The sequence of six workshops is scheduled to occur at the Library of Virginia in Richmond, with subsequent sessions planned for April, May, August, September, and October after the initial March workshop.

Individuals interested in registering can do so by visiting the Library of Virginia’s website at or by reaching out to Anne McCrery at (804) 692-3568.

Genealogy workshops offer opportunities for individuals to connect with their past, understand their ancestry, and cultivate a deeper appreciation for their family’s journey through history. These sessions provide the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the often complex process of genealogical research, from deciphering ancient documents to leveraging modern databases.

Moreover, they serve as a forum for sharing experiences and strategies, fostering a community of enthusiasts and experts alike. Whether a novice or a seasoned researcher, participants can gain insights into new methodologies, uncover previously unknown family connections, and preserve their heritage for future generations.

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  • Photo by Taylor Flowe: instant images