The royal cypher that will be used to identify Camilla as Queen Consort has been revealed.

Shortly following her husband, King Charles III, Camilla, now recognised as the Queen Consort, has been given her own royal cypher. The cypher was selected by Camilla herself and is recognised as her personal property.

The cypher is made of up of the Queen Consort’s monogram alongside a representation of the Crown. The initials “CR” incorporates Her Majesty’s initial, “C” for Camilla, and “R” for Regina – Latin for Queen.

As our late Queen Elizabeth II had done, the cypher will continue to be used on personal letterheads and cards to identify the sender at the Queen Consort. The cypher will also  be used on the cross she will lay at the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey in London next Thursday. The cypher can be seen pictured below:

The Queen Consort's cypher

The Queen Consort’s cypher

Much like King Charles III, the Queen Consort selected her cypher from a series of designs presented by the College of Arms. It was the creation of Professor Ewan Clayton, a calligrapher and member of the instructors and academic board of The Royal Drawing School, in collaboration with Timothy Noad, Herald Painter and Scrivener at the College of Arms.