Geneanet, a popular online platform for genealogy research, has recently made significant additions to its database. In the past few months, several index and archival document collections have been made available to the public, boasting a total of over 150 million vital Northern European records.

The historical importance of Northern Europe cannot be overstated. From the Vikings and their explorations to the rise and fall of powerful empires, the region has a rich and fascinating history. And now, with the addition of 150 million certificates from various countries in the region, Geneanet has made it easier than ever before to explore this history and trace one’s ancestry.

The certificates are from five different countries, with the majority being from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Finland has contributed an impressive 52 million certificates, while Sweden and Denmark have added 38 million and 37 million certificates, respectively. Norway has also made a significant contribution, adding 23 million certificates, and even Iceland has joined in, adding 300,000 certificates.

These certificates include information from baptism, marriage, and death registers from the 16th to the 20th centuries. With just a few clicks, users can search through these records and find their ancestors. The addition of these records to Geneanet’s database is a significant step forward for genealogy research and will undoubtedly help people all over the world discover their roots and connect with their past.

So, if you’re interested in exploring the history of Northern Europe and tracing your family tree, be sure to check out these new additions to Geneanet’s database. Who knows what fascinating discoveries you might make!

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  • Photo by Uta Scholl: instant images