MyHeritage, a genealogy data host, together with New York’s Museum of Jewish Heritage and its affiliate JewishGen, which serves as a repository for Jewish genealogical records, have announced the publication of 5.8 million records from JewishGen on the MyHeritage platform. The 28 collections in this release represent the initial implementation of a licensing agreement that will ultimately make almost all JewishGen records accessible on MyHeritage.

JewishGen is a leading website for Jewish genealogy, featuring important collections of historical records relating to Jewish communities across Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and North America. The first installment of JewishGen records on MyHeritage spans from the 18th century to the 21st. It consists primarily of vital records such and births, marriages and death and covers many geographic regions, including Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, and Germany.

This further expands the significant resources for Jewish genealogy offered by MyHeritage, which is also the only major commercial genealogy company to support Hebrew. Through its member base of one million users in Israel, MyHeritage is home to the world’s largest collection of Jewish family trees. MyHeritage’s collections of global historical records likewise include millions of records that are valuable to individuals researching Jewish heritage, such as passenger and immigration lists that document the wave of Jews seeking refuge in North America, South America, and Israel after their communities were devastated by the Holocaust.

The records in the newly published collections will now be integrated with from MyHeritage’s data management and web technologies, which automatically match historical records with the 83 million family trees on MyHeritage. Until now, JewishGen records were available to search and view in English only. But now, international users will benefit from MyHeritage’s Global Name Translation Technology™, which allows individuals researching in other languages, such as Hebrew, Russian, or Greek, to search and view these records, with the names translated into their native languages. The application of this cutting-edge technology to the genealogical resources offered by JewishGen will open new doors to those seeking information on their Jewish roots.

Gilad Japhet, Founder and CEO of MyHeritage commented “Our new collaboration with JewishGen is an important milestone that makes MyHeritage indispensable for every Jewish genealogist. Genealogy has been deeply important to the Jewish people for millennia. JewishGen is the key resource for Jewish genealogy and we are happy to bring its records to MyHeritage.”

“The agreement between JewishGen and MyHeritage furthers our goal to expand the availability of JewishGen’s valuable collection of historical records to genealogy researchers around the world,” says Jack Kliger, President & CEO of the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust. “We are pleased that this agreement will also contribute to the expanding interest in Jewish genealogy.”

“We are delighted that a significant percentage of our historical records will now also be available via MyHeritage,” said Avraham Groll, Executive Director of JewishGen. “The collaboration with MyHeritage will help millions of people across the world learn more about their Jewish roots.”

CollectionDescriptionNumber of RecordsLink to Search
Belarus, Jewish Birth RecordsBirth records of the Jewish community in Belarus319,764 recordsSearch
Belarus, Jewish Death RecordsDeath records of the Jewish community in Belarus66,240 recordsSearch
Index to Soviet Extraordinary Commission Pinsk RecordsRecords of Jewish Holocaust victims from Pinsk, Belarus.11,705 recordsSearch
Bessarabia, Jewish BirthsBirth records of the Jewish community in Bessarabia from 1829
to 1915
297,265 recordsSearch
Bessarabia, Jewish DeathsDeath records of the Jewish community in Bessarabia76,225 recordsSearch
Bessarabia, Voter Lists, 1906-1907Voter lists for elections of the Russian Duma (parliament)230,556 recordsSearch
Germany, Dachau, Concentration Camp RecordsRecords from Dachau from 1933 to 1945164,588 recordsSearch
Flossenbürg Prisoner ListsPrisoners from the Flossenbürg Concentration Camp from 1938 to 194588,011 recordsSearch
Germany, Revoked Citizenships and Property SeizuresGerman citizens who have been revoked of their citizenship from 1933 to 194581,370 recordsSearch
Hungary, Jewish Vital RecordsBirth, marriage, and death records of Jewish communities in Hungary2,266,404 recordsSearch
Hungary, Property Tax Census, 1828An index to the 1828 Hungarian Property Tax Census28,732 recordsSearch
Ireland, Jewish Birth IndexBirth records from Ireland61,503 recordsSearch
Latvia, Jewish Birth RecordsBirth records of the Jewish community in Latvia254,178 recordsSearch
Latvia, Jewish Death RecordsDeath records of the Jewish community in Latvia49,037 recordsSearch
Lodz Ghetto ListLodz Ghetto inhabitants from 1940 to 1944242,690 recordsSearch
The Soviet Extraordinary CommissionJewish Holocaust victims from the German-occupied Soviet Union Territories64,332 recordsSearch
Ukraine, Jewish Birth RecordsBirth records of the Jewish community in Ukraine203,570 records>Search
Ukraine, Jewish Death RecordsDeath records of the Jewish community in Ukraine44,535 recordsSearch
United Kingdom, Jewish Death and Burial RecordsDeath and burial records of the Jewish community in the United Kingdom from 1733 to 201278,904 recordsSearch
United States, New York, Immigration from Austria, Poland and Galicia, 1890-1891Records about immigrants coming to New York from Austria, Poland, and Galicia between 1890-189196,604 recordsSearch
Philadelphia Jewish Exponent ObituariesObituary notices from Philadelphia from 1887 to 201367,850 records>Search
Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Jewish Refugees, 1941-1942Jewish refugees living in the Soviet Union during 1941-1942 who were evacuated to Tashkent, Uzbekistan300,626 recordsSearch
Pinkas HaNitzolim, Volume I, Register of Jewish SurvivorsJewish survivors rescued from camps and the ghettoes in various European countries66,773 recordsSearch
Pinkas HaNitzolim, Volume II, Register of Jewish SurvivorsJewish survivors rescued from camps and the ghettoes in various European countries55,886 recordsSearch
Sharit haPlatah, Holocaust SurvivorsJewish people who survived the Holocaust61,388 recordsSearch
World Jewish Congress RecordsHolocaust survivors that were documented and archived by the World Jewish Congress (WJC)102,250 recordsSearch
JewishGen Memorial Plaques DatabaseRecords that originates from Jewish synagogue and memorial records (“Yahrzeit Plaques”) in over 40 countries336,239 recordsSearch
Yizkor Book Name IndexIndividuals included in Yizkor books ommemorating Jewish communities in Eastern Europe that were destroyed during the Holocaust105,563 pagesSearch