Ancestry, the global leader in family history, introduces its latest integrated brand campaign, “It’s a Family Thing.” This initiative emphasizes Ancestry’s role in helping individuals not only understand their family history and DNA but also represent and preserve it for future generations.

The campaign, developed in partnership with Wieden+Kennedy and the Blackstone Portfolio Operations Brand Transformation team, shifts the narrative, encouraging people to actively participate in preserving their family history in real-time. Ancestry customers will now be keepers, creators, and sharers of their family stories, not just historians.

The heart of the campaign features three unique families:

The Hughes Family: A multi-generational family of Black cowboys in Illinois, using Ancestry’s StoryMaker Studio to document their family milestones and heritage.

The Serrano Family: Enthusiasts of vintage cars and lowrider cruises in Southern California, using Ancestry to connect with their history and celebrate their heritage.

The Karam Family: A family of LSU tailgaters exploring their DNA, traits, and family traditions with the help of Ancestry.

The “It’s a Family Thing” campaign celebrates diverse family stories, emphasizing the importance of carrying traditions forward.

This initiative aligns with Ancestry’s transformation from a solo research activity to a platform where families can explore, create, and connect around their family history and preserve it for future generations. Ancestry’s tools allow customers to enhance and colorize old family photos, record audio of family stories, traditions, and achievements, and create lasting memories for current and future generations.

Ancestry has chosen Publicis Vita to lead global media planning and buying to support this campaign’s reach and impact. The campaign will be promoted across various media channels, including Hulu, YouTube, ABC, NBC, CNN, Peacock, and more.

With over 23 million AncestryDNA customers, over 40 billion records, and more than 133 million family trees, Ancestry remains a leading resource for individuals worldwide seeking to discover their family history.

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