TheGenealogist, a leading online genealogy research platform, recently announced the addition of over 510,000 Irish parish records from County Laois to its vast collection, providing a wealth of new opportunities for family history enthusiasts looking to uncover their Irish roots.

County Laois, historically known as Queen’s County from 1556 to 1922, is located in the Eastern and Midland Region of the Republic of Ireland. The addition of these records significantly enhances TheGenealogist’s database, offering a rich resource for individuals seeking to explore their Irish heritage. This release is particularly valuable for those with ancestral ties to County Laois, as well as the broader Irish diaspora, which expanded globally, especially during the Great Famine of 1845–49.

TheGenealogist’s new Irish parish records collection provides researchers with a direct link to the past, allowing them to delve into the history and heritage of County Laois. These records include vital information on over 510,000 individuals, encompassing a variety of essential data such as baptisms, marriages, and burials.

One of the standout features of TheGenealogist is its ability to connect users seamlessly with digitized images of the original registers, which are housed in the National Library of Ireland (NLI). This access to digitized records enables researchers to view primary source documents, adding depth and authenticity to their family history discoveries.

TheGenealogist also offers the innovative SmartSearch tool, which has proven invaluable to genealogists. SmartSearch aids researchers in identifying potential siblings and unearthing marriage details for parents, making the process of piecing together family histories more efficient and accurate.

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  • Photo by Elisabeth Arnold: instant images