Buckingham Palace has recently shared the news that more than 2,000 guests will receive invitations to the forthcoming Coronation, set to take place in Westminster Abbey. The invitation, masterfully crafted by accomplished heraldic artist and manuscript illuminator, Andrew Jamieson, will be distributed to the attendees shortly.

The Coronation is a momentous occasion on the British royal family’s schedule and represents a time-honored ceremony that has been carried out for generations. During the service, the sovereign pledges to uphold the law and govern the people with fairness and compassion. The ceremony encompasses a coronation rite in which the monarch is consecrated with oil and adorned with a symbolic crown, marking the commencement of their reign.

The creator of the invitation’s design, Andrew Jamieson, is a member of the Art Workers’ Guild, where the King holds an Honorary Membership. The invitation’s visuals were crafted using hand-painted watercolor and gouache methods, enhanced with gold foil accents, and it will be produced on eco-friendly cardstock. At the heart of the design lies the Green Man, a venerable character from British mythology, embodying spring and renewal in honor of the incoming reign.

The royal coronation invitation

The royal coronation invitation

The figure of the Green Man consists of oak, ivy, and hawthorn foliage, accompanied by the United Kingdom’s iconic flowers. The border of the invitation displays a British wildflower meadow, including lily of the valley, cornflowers, wild strawberries, dog roses, bluebells, and a sprig of rosemary symbolizing remembrance, as well as various wildlife like a bee, butterfly, ladybird, wren, and robin. The floral arrangements come in clusters of three, signifying the King’s ascension as the third monarch bearing his name.

The invitation’s elaborate design also incorporates a lion, a unicorn, and a boar, which originate from the coats of arms of the monarch and Her Majesty’s father, Major Bruce Shand. It is noteworthy that Her Majesty’s arms are now surrounded by the Garter, subsequent to her induction as a Royal Lady of the Order of the Garter the previous summer.

The Coronation is a significant event in the chronicles of the British royal family and has been upheld as a tradition for over a millennium. The most recent Coronation occurred on June 2nd, 1953, when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned, establishing her as the longest-serving monarch in British history. The detailed design and symbolism of this invitation underscore the royal family’s dedication to preserving their customs while also embracing their new era.