Jacques Le Marois, the co-founder of Geneanet, has decided to step down as President and CEO of the website after serving genealogists for many years.

The Geneanet website, which has been in operation for almost 27 years, has become a pride for Le Marois due to its remarkable growth and progress over time. The website, which hosts over 1.8 million family trees in more than 25 countries, offers rich content and features to genealogists supported by a team of 35 people based in Paris.

Geneanet has a unique hybrid model that combines a company with employees and customers with a comprehensive and attractive “Freemium” offer. Moreover, it has an exceptional community of members who participate actively in helping and sharing.

Geneanet consists of millions of contributors who share their trees and volunteer to participate in various projects, such as the digitization of archival registers, Save our Graves, collaborative indexing, Postcards collection, historical and geographical collaborative trees, and the “Now and Then” project.

Jacques Le Marois expresses gratitude towards all members, whether they are free or premium, contributors, or not. He acknowledges that Geneanet exists because of the faithful support of its members.

Jacques Le Marois also thanks the entire team of Geneanet employees for their hard work and dedication. He is grateful to Ancestry for supporting the website’s model with the many collections they have been able to add to the Premium offering.

The website’s continuity is guaranteed with Christophe Becker, Geneanet’s Director of Operations for the past 20 years, taking over as the new President. Le Marois trusts Becker to continue to improve and develop Geneanet with the whole team, to provide better services to all genealogists.

In the short term, Jacques Le Marois will devote his time to developing a foundation for the study and development of Biotherapies, which is particularly close to his heart. He invites people to visit the website to learn more about this cause.

Geneanet is a remarkable website that has evolved and grown tremendously over time. It has established a unique model that combines a company with employees and customers with a comprehensive and attractive “Freemium” offer. Geneanet’s contribution to the field of genealogy is immense, and its community of members actively participating in various projects is exceptional.

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