RootsTech by FamilySearch, the world’s largest family discovery and genealogy conference, is thrilled to announce that acclaimed comedian Henry Cho will be the Thursday, February 29, keynote speaker for the 3-day RootsTech 2024 event.

Known for his unique blend of clean comedy and storytelling, Cho brings his infectious humour to the main stage, promising an entertaining and memorable experience for RootsTech attendees in person and online. Find out more, or register at

RootsTech, hosted annually by FamilySearch International, is a premier global conference that celebrates family and promotes technology that helps make, share, and preserve fun genealogy discoveries. It brings together people from all walks of life to discover, share, and connect through their shared heritage. The theme of RootsTech 2024 is “Remembering.” It promises to be an exceptional gathering, and having Henry Cho as the keynote speaker adds an exciting and humorous element to the event.

Henry Cho, a talented stand-up comedian and actor, has been captivating audiences with his hilarious performances for decades. Cho’s clean and relatable comedy transcends cultural boundaries, making him a perfect fit for a global event like RootsTech, where people of diverse backgrounds and cultures come together to explore their family histories. Cho is Asian-American and occasionally quips about his Korean ancestry in his comedic performances.

Jen Allen, RootsTech director, commented:

We are delighted to have Henry Cho as our keynote speaker for RootsTech 2024. His comedic talent and ability to connect with audiences align perfectly with the spirit of RootsTech. We believe attendees will not only be entertained by Cho’s keynote address but will also be inspired by the stories he shares.

Jen Allen, RootsTech director

Registration open for RootsTech 2024

If you are interested in this event, you can explore further and share your story at RootsTech 2024 from February 29 to March 2, 2024. To learn more and register, follow this link: The online event is free, and the in-person 3-day event is $109.

What Is RootsTech?

RootsTech is a place to learn, be inspired, and make connections through family history. The event is hosted by FamilySearch and sponsored by other leading genealogy organizations. The event provides expert classes, tips and tricks videos, and inspiring stories.

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