The National Records of Scotland (NRS) has proudly announced the release of digitised records documenting the invaluable contributions of the Scottish Women’s Land Army and Timber Corps during World War II. Available for the first time on the ScotlandsPeople website, the “Land Girls’ records offer a comprehensive look into the lives of nearly 10,000 women who stepped into essential roles traditionally occupied by men from 1939 to 1950.

The release includes 10,000 meticulously handwritten index cards featuring details such as names, ages, dates of service, training insights, and more. Among the noteworthy figures documented are Betty Reid, renowned as the “Champion Plough-Girl of Scotland” and featured in the 1942 propaganda film “Land Girl,” and Wilhelmina Robertson, a Dundee woman who worked on the Queen Mother’s estate at Glamis Castle.

NRS Archivist Jessica Evershed emphasises the historical significance of these records, stating,

The Scottish Women’s Land Army and Timber Corps played a critical role during a time of desperate crisis, helping to produce food and timber. Putting these records online allows people all over the world to research their relatives or investigate the history of the famous ‘Land Girls’ for themselves.

Jessica Evershed, NRS Archivist

The cards go beyond basic documentation, offering insights into the women’s experiences, aptitudes, work ethic, and noting awards for dedicated service. Covering women born up to 1922, additional records will be added annually to the ScotlandsPeople website.

By making these digitised employment records accessible, the NRS opens a window into the lives of resilient women who, during World War II, became the backbone of the Scottish nation. As Archivist Jessica Evershed aptly notes, these records transcend mere documentation; they are a valuable tool for researchers.

To explore these historic Land Girls records and delve into the lives of the Scottish Women’s Land Army and Timber Corps, visit the ScotlandsPeople website today.

Image Source:

  • Women’s Land Army 1915: Picryl