This week, Findmypast has augmented its database with a collection of 310,320 new records from various locations in the United Kingdom and Ireland. This update includes significant additions from York, Kent, and various historical newspapers.

York Parish Records Enriched

Findmypast has expanded its compilation of York parish records with the addition of 40,193 records from St Michael Le Belfrey, an Anglican church in York city centre. This update is particularly noteworthy for those researching ancestors from North Yorkshire. The new records encompass baptisms, marriages, and burials.

  • Baptisms: The baptism records have increased by 13,385 entries, now totalling over 9.2 million. These records span several centuries, offering a comprehensive view of the community’s baptisms.
  • Marriages: An additional 13,423 marriage records from St Michael Le Belfrey have been included, with details from as far back as 1650 and as recent as 1950.
  • Burials: The burial records have been supplemented with 13,385 new entries, covering 41 years of York’s history and providing both images and transcriptions.

Kent School Records Updated

The update has also introduced over 270,000 records of school registers from Kent, covering the period from 1870 to 1914. These records include detailed admission registers and log books, allowing users to delve into the educational background of their Kent ancestors.

Expansive Newspaper Collection Growth

Findmypast’s already extensive newspaper collection has been further enriched with over 106,000 new pages. This update includes a new addition, the Fleetwood Weekly News, and updates to 12 existing titles. These range from local publications like the Maidstone Telegraph to regional papers such as the Worcester Journal, providing a broad spectrum of historical information.

This ongoing effort to expand Findmypast’s database is invaluable for genealogy enthusiasts and researchers, offering a more comprehensive view of the past and aiding in the discovery of family histories across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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