Charlotte ‘Betty’ Webb, a former Bletchley park codebreaker

Charlotte ‘Betty’ Webb, a former Bletchley park codebreaker

Welcome to the hidden history of Bletchley Park, where Britain’s best brains battled to break Nazi codes during World War II. Often celebrated as a male-dominated field, the truth is much more vibrant.

Did you know that by 1944, a staggering 75% of Bletchley’s staff were women? Yes, that’s right—women outnumbered men three to one, forming the unsung backbone of the operation. These brilliant minds were not just supporting characters but pioneers in their own right.

In this episode, we spotlight one such remarkable woman—Charlotte ‘Betty’ Webb. At the sprightly age of 100, Betty shared her riveting stories with me from her home in Worcestershire. Dubbing Bletchley as ‘Britain’s Wartime University,’ Betty’s tales range from choosing curry over the wartime staple of boiled beef at London’s Indian restaurants to her post-war adventures in the Pentagon.

Join us as we delve into Betty’s fascinating narrative and celebrate the formidable yet overlooked women of Bletchley Park. Get ready for a journey through the untold stories of wartime brilliance and resilience.

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