Kate-Thompson: Vanishing Voices of Wartime London

Kate-Thompson with some of the vanishing voices of wartime London

Welcome to our episode, “Vanishing Voices of Wartime London” where we dive into the rich tapestry of wartime voices from East London.

Contrary to popular belief, the spirit of the Cockneys isn’t fading; it’s thriving from Essex to Australia, creating a global Cockney diaspora. However, the authentic wartime voices of East London are what we’re at risk of losing. Today’s East London buzzes with diverse accents, reshaped by waves of immigration and gentrification.

In this episode, we chase the elusive echoes of the past—those voices from the air raid shelters, the lively pubs, bustling markets, and busy factories during the war. We’ll also celebrate the cultural heritage left behind, such as the enchanting songs sung by Dot Smee in the Blitz shelters or the poignant poetry of Whitechapel seamstress Sally Flood.

Join us as we share the stories of three remarkable East Enders who did more than just endure the Second World War; they flourished. Their voices, songs, poems, and memories paint a vivid portrait of wartime resilience and creativity, offering a window into the soul of wartime East London. Tune in to discover the enduring legacy of these extraordinary Londoners.

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