Scottish Indexes has proudly announced a significant advancement in their ongoing Scottish prison register indexing project.

At the recent Scottish Indexes Conference, an additional 180,000 entries were released, bringing the total to over half a million searchable records. These records span 38 Scottish prisons and are accessible through the dedicated database at Scottish Indexes.

Understanding Scottish Prison Records

Prison records are historical documents that detail the incarceration history of individuals who were imprisoned. These records often contain a wealth of information including the name of the prisoner, the crime for which they were convicted, the sentence received, and the prison to which they were sent. Additional details may include physical descriptions, personal backgrounds, and in some cases, information on the prisoner’s conduct and release. Scottish prison records, in particular, offer a unique insight into the legal and penal system of Scotland, spanning several centuries.

The Value of Prison Records in Genealogy

For family historians and genealogists, prison records are an invaluable resource. They provide a different dimension to the family story, revealing not just the challenges and adversities faced by ancestors but also societal attitudes towards crime and punishment in different eras. These records can fill gaps in family trees, uncover previously unknown family members, and add depth to the understanding of an ancestor’s life. They are particularly useful for breaking through “brick walls” in genealogy research, offering clues that may not be available in other types of records.

For more information and to search the records, please visit Scottish Indexes.

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  • Photo by Emiliano Bar: instant images