Once again, the realm of baby naming is witnessing a significant shift, with certain names experiencing a notable decline in popularity as we advance into 2024.

The latest trends witness a movement away from the practice of adopting surnames as first names, which has seen a reduction in favour among new parents. According to insights from BabyCenter, an array of names is seeing a downtrend in popularity, signalling a potential phase-out from the common picks for newborns. Particularly, names that once resonated with the millennial generation, such as Michelle and Diana for girls, have seen a decrease in selection. Similarly, the trend of names ending in “-aden,” which gained momentum in the 2000s for boys, like Aiden, is also losing its appeal.

In 2021, the spotlight was on names such as Olivia and Liam, which topped the charts for girls and boys respectively. New entries into the top ten included Levi and Asher for boys, showcasing a dynamic shift in preferences. The year also saw a rise in unique and unconventional names, with the likes of Ottilie, Juniper, and Willow making significant jumps in popularity among girls. Similarly, names such as August, Danger, and River emerged as popular choices for boys, reflecting a broader trend towards distinctive and meaningful names​​​​.

As for 2024, below are the names we’ll be waving goodbye to as we continue through the year:

  1. Brooklyn
  2. Blake
  3. Raegan
  4. Charli
  5. Finley
  6. Amanda
  7. Jaiden
  8. Ariah
  9. Gracelyn
  10. Michelle
  11. Adelynn
  12. Cali
  13. Mckenna
  14. Mckenzie
  15. Nasir
  16. Ronan
  17. Sawyer
  18. Alaya
  19. Diana
  20. Oaklee
  21. Julius
  22. Bo
  23. Preston
  24. Raiden
  25. Norah
  26. Reid
  27. Brady
  28. Brooke
  29. Eden
  30. Angela
  31. Bradley
  32. Clayton
  33. Princeton
  34. Hendrix
  35. Aiden
  36. Orion
  37. Johnny
  38. Maximus
  39. Baylor
  40. Raphael

As society progresses into 2024, it is interesting to watch the evolution of baby names, reflecting changing tastes and cultural influences, with parents seeking more distinctive and meaningful names for their children. The latest shift highlights the fluid nature of naming trends and the ongoing search for uniqueness and personal significance in the names chosen for the next generation.

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