A genealogy firm located in Wiltshire, Family Wise, has announced an offer for an emerging genealogist to gain firsthand experience at their company.

This unique initiative gives a selected individual a comprehensive three-day visit to Family Wise’s main office, covering all travel and accommodation costs.

Scheduled for April, the experience at their Calne base includes personal time with the managing director, participation in challenging research alongside case managers, exposure to the firm’s research methodologies, involvement with the international desk, and collaboration with the marketing department.

Maddy Bullock, the digital marketing assistant at Family Wise, emphasises the program as a significant learning opportunity that can enhance one’s understanding of the genealogy sector, alongside providing a valuable addition to the participant’s resume.

The company is searching for a candidate who is committed, resilient, eager to learn, skilled in problem-solving and possesses a keen interest in genealogy. Family Wise specialises in services such as locating will beneficiaries, people finding, family history research, and interpreting DNA test outcomes.

This opportunity is open to genealogists between the ages of 18 and 30. Interested individuals should contact Maddy Bullock via email at [email protected] by March 15th for further information on the application process.

This initiative could serve as a brilliant step for young professionals and enthusiasts in the field of genealogy, offering them a practical glimpse into the industry. It is particularly beneficial for those looking to deepen their expertise, broaden their network, and enhance their resume with hands-on experience.

For individuals passionate about uncovering family histories, understanding genealogical research techniques, and those aiming to carve a career within this niche, this opportunity provides a practical foundation and invaluable insights that could prove instrumental in their professional journey.

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  • Photo by Hulki Okan Tabak: instant images