Camryn and Milo Manheim are set to kick off the premiere of an upcoming TV series centred around Jewish genealogy. Titled “Generations,” this ground-breaking show is a collaborative effort between the Museum of Jewish Heritage — A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, JewishGen, and JLTV, and is scheduled to debut in Fall 2023.

The first episode, currently in production, will feature renowned actors Camryn Manheim (“Law and Order,” “The Practice”) and her son, Milo Manheim (“School Spirits, Zombies”), as they delve into their DNA, uncover family origins, and unveil a treasure trove of artefacts, documents, and photographs to piece together their ancestral history.

Camryn Manheim expresses the deep significance of exploring her Jewish heritage and learning about her ancestors, stating:

Learning about my ancestors and my Jewish heritage holds immense significance for me. It allows me to connect with my roots, understand the rich tapestry of my family’s history, and appreciate the unimaginable struggles and triumphs that have shaped my life today. By learning about my ancestors, I am not only honouring their legacy but also gaining a deeper understanding of myself, my identity, and the world around me.

Camryn Manheim, actor

Milo Manheim shares his excitement for the journey of uncovering his Jewish roots and delving into the lives of his forebears, emphasising the importance of heritage within his family. He believes that tracing their lineage will provide invaluable insights into the intangible qualities passed down from generation to generation. This exploration aims to deepen his understanding of his own identity and instil a profound sense of pride in his heritage, inspired by the challenges overcome and resilience demonstrated by his ancestors.

“Generations” distinguishes itself as the first Jewish-themed genealogy television series to leverage the vast digital resources of JewishGen, under the guidance of Avraham Groll, JewishGen’s Executive Director, and Karen Franklin, Co-chair of the Board of Governors. The show also draws upon the historical resources of the Museum of Jewish Heritage and the production capabilities of JLTV. Together, they unravel centuries-old family mysteries and histories, both pre- and post-immigration through Ellis Island.

Jack Kliger, President and CEO of the Museum of Jewish Heritage, highlights the significance of understanding Jewish lives throughout history, expressing gratitude for being part of such an innovative series that sheds light on family histories and the research process behind them. Renowned television host Brad Pomerance, who anchors “Generations,” considers the exploration of family history as a precious gift and an opportunity for self-discovery. He believes that uncovering the lives of our ancestors shapes our present-day identity and has the potential to transform our outlook on life. Pomerance expresses his excitement about this career-defining project and extends heartfelt appreciation to Camryn, Milo, and their family for sharing their stories.

In addition to the captivating narratives of Camryn and Milo Manheim, the episode will feature conversations with Camryn’s brother, Law Professor Karl Manheim, and their remarkable 97-year-old mother, Sylvia Manheim. Together, they will reveal captivating details about their maternal and paternal ancestry, stretching back centuries.

This announcement coincides with the Museum of Jewish Heritage’s plans to establish the Peter and Mary Kalikow Jewish Genealogy Research Center. This new addition to the Museum’s premises will provide visitors with access to Jewish genealogy resources available within JewishGen and the Museum’s collections, empowering them to delve deeper into their Jewish heritage. The space will feature computer stations for visitors to explore JewishGen’s extensive genealogy resources, records, and data, with printing facilities available for research documentation. Visitors will also have the opportunity to access numerous Yizkor (Memorial) Books and printed materials. Volunteers and content experts will be present on-site to assist with research inquiries.

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  • Photo by Stephen Monterroso: instant images