ITV has announced the upcoming return of the acclaimed series, ‘DNA Journey‘, set to air later this year on ITV1 and ITVX. Now in its fifth season, this series continues to engage viewers with its blend of personal discovery and celebrity involvement.

‘DNA Journey’ will showcase six new celebrity pairings including notable names such as Ricky Tomlinson and Sue Johnston from ‘The Royle Family’, comedians Jo Brand and Julian Clary, ‘Cold Feet’ actresses Fay Ripley and Hermione Norris, TV personalities Sam Thompson and Marvin Humes, Sarah Parish and Jimmy Nesbitt, along with ‘Life on Mars’ stars John Simm and Philip Glenister. These celebrities will embark on emotional journeys, exploring their ancestral roots in diverse locations from Canada to Jamaica, and London to France.

Utilising advanced DNA technology and genealogical research, the show is set to reveal startling truths about the celebrities’ ancestries. Audiences can anticipate the unveiling of family secrets, encounters with previously unknown relatives, and the discovery of intriguing stories about unknown ancestors.

Louise Major, Commissioning Editor at ITV, describes ‘DNA Journey’ as an “extraordinary series that offers a unique glimpse into the lives of so many brilliant celebrities.” She added,

It is a privilege to be granted intimate access to their personal journeys and to share their experiences with the audience. This series is packed with life-changing revelations and gratifying discoveries that are sure to touch everyone’s hearts.

Louise Major, Commissioning Editor at ITV

The production of the series is a collaborative effort by Voltage TV, Mitre Studios, and Ancestry. Kathleen Larkin, Executive Producer at Voltage TV, praised the show’s impact, referring to is as a gripping, revelatory series that never fails at delivering the best of British talent; national treasures, acting royalty, and comedy icons… bringing a side of them that nobody has ever seen before.

Ed Sleeman, Managing Director at Mitre Studios, expressed excitement over the new pairings and the unforgettable moments they promise to deliver. Meanwhile, Brad Argent from Ancestry highlighted the significant role of research and science in the show:

Solid research, world class science, and a little bit of good luck have uncovered a fantastic line-up of rich and varied stories – all made relatable by a celebrity cast that bring themselves to every moment. It’s such a privilege to be part of this must-see TV.

Brad Argent from Ancestry

The collaboration among ITV, Voltage TV, Mitre Studios, and Ancestry underscores a commitment to quality and depth, essential for a series that explores personal and familial legacies.

‘DNA Journey’ is not just entertaining but also a valuable resource for anyone interested in genealogy and the compelling stories that define our identities. This series aligns with the interests of family history researchers and those curious about their ancestry, providing deep insights into the unexpected connections and narratives that define us.

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