The Sugar Girls of Love Lane

The Sugar Girls of Love Lane

In a new episode of “From the Library with Love,” delve into the history of Tate & Lyle’s iconic Liverpool factory with the podcast “Meet the Sugar Girls of Love Lane.”

Authors Duncan Barrett and Nuala Calvi, known for their Sunday Times bestseller “The Sugar Girls,” share the personal stories of women who worked at the factory from its heyday into the post-war era.

This episode goes beyond the nostalgia, offering insights into the authors’ research process and the unique challenges of writing non-fiction about the 1960s. It paints a vivid picture of a time when the factory was not just a place of employment but a community hub that fostered lifelong friendships and romances.

Tune in to this engaging exploration of one of the most memorable eras in British industrial history!


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About the 'From the Library With Love' Podcast

This episode is from our podcast partner “From the Library With Love” – a podcast for anyone whose life has been changed by reading by the author, Kate Thompson (more about Kate below).

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