Maggie Brookes

Maggie Brookes

Join us on the latest episode of “From the Library with Love,” where acclaimed author and former BBC producer Maggie Brookes reveals the unsung heroes of the Spanish Civil War, 85 years after its conclusion.

In this insightful discussion, Maggie shares the powerful stories of courage and resilience that inspired her latest novel, “Acts of Love and War.”

Drawing from her deep familial ties to wartime experiences, Maggie not only explores historical narratives but also shares a personal and extraordinary war story discovered in an unlikely place—a lift.

Tune in to uncover the hidden chapters of history and the personal tales that continue to shape our understanding of the past.

You can find the latest episode here.

About the 'From the Library With Love' Podcast

This episode is from our podcast partner “From the Library With Love” – a podcast for anyone whose life has been changed by reading by the author, Kate Thompson (more about Kate below).

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