Hazel Gaynor

Hazel Gaynor

Set sail on a journey into the past with the newest episode of “From the Library with Love,” featuring the award-winning author Hazel Gaynor as she sheds light on the often-overlooked saga of WWII’s ‘seaevacuees.’

In an era marked by fear and destruction, discover the forgotten history of the children sent away from Britain by sea to seek safety from the relentless bombings.

This episode delves into Hazel’s latest novel, “The Last Lifeboat,” inspired by the real stories of resilience and survival that emerged from these perilous journeys.

Join us as Hazel shares her deep research and the moving story of the heroine at the core of her novel.

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About the 'From the Library With Love' Podcast

This episode is from our podcast partner “From the Library With Love” – a podcast for anyone whose life has been changed by reading by the author, Kate Thompson (more about Kate below).

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