Professor George Leitmann

Professor George Leitmann

In an episode that bridges the harrowing past with poignant reflections, “From the Library with Love” presents a stirring conversation with 99-year-old Holocaust survivor and WWII US Army veteran, Professor George Leitmann.

His life’s journey—from fleeing Nazi-persecuted Austria to fighting on the very grounds he escaped—is a tale of bravery, loss, and survival. In this exclusive interview, George shares the emotional quest to find his father, the heart-stopping day he stumbled upon a concentration camp, and his resolute demeanour while interrogating Nazi war criminals.

Awarded the French Legion of Honour, George’s story is not just about the scars of war, but also about the relentless spirit of human dignity and justice. Tune into this powerful episode to hear a firsthand account of history from a man who not only lived through it but helped to reshape it.

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This episode is from our podcast partner “From the Library With Love” – a podcast for anyone whose life has been changed by reading by the author, Kate Thompson (more about Kate below).

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